Zebra Stripes Hand painted Bottle


The zebra print represents a lot to a lot of people but the best one is ‘a sense of freedom’. This zebra stripes hand-painted bottle will definitely blend in well perfectly in any room.


Material – Glass bottle, Acrylic paint

Dimension – 31cm x 8cm


We have a fun home design detail for you: this black and white zebra print bottle! While the cleanliness and accuracy may misguide you, the bottle has been hand painted into an animal print that is chic and very ‘in’ right now.
The love for animal print merchandise phase is back in fashion and this time, it is not just clothes and mugs.
The zebra stripes give a free and wild feeling to the environment. This bottle is 31cms long and 8cms wide. It’s a cleanly designed and painted piece, well-polished, waiting to be decorated in a suited interior.


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