Kathakali Roudram Bottle


The Kathakali Roudram Bottle is a unique piece due to the design and detailing that went into making it the perfect product. The bottle is red and black in colour and 30cms in length and 7.5cms wide.

As more and more youth is getting interested in knowing about their culture and going back to their roots, they like to add pieces that represent such positive thought processes in their surroundings. The ‘Kathakali Roudram Bottle’ has a red base and a hand painted red Kathakali Roudram design on it. what is unique is that only half the face of the Kathakali Roudram has been painted instead of the conventional full face design.
It is worth mentioning how the artist has worked so hard to finely design the bottle to perfection to represent the cultural heritage and beauty of the southern part of India. The bottle is 30cms tall and 7.5cms wide.


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