‘Let your light Shine’ Hand painted Bottle


We have a ‘let your light shine’ bottle waiting to be bought and used. With polka dots on its mud-brown body and a positive quote, the bottle is cute and aesthetic. 


Material – Glass bottle, Acrylic paint

Dimension – 25cm x 9cm

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There can never be too much positivity. It’s a huge world out there and spreading love and positivity definitely goes a long way. The best way to do it is by letting your surroundings do the talking for you.
The ‘let your light shine’ bottle has been hand-painted in warm, soothing colours- shades of brown and crème.
The quote ‘let your light shine’ has been neatly painted in the front around a painted light bulb. The light bulb gives a cute and fun look to the bottle. The back and sides of the bottle are covered in polka dots all over.


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