Lord Ganesha Hand painted Bottle


The new Lord Ganesha bottle is spiritually conforming and aesthetically appealing. It is a blend of modernity and religion. The bottle is green and yellow-painted with a Ganesha drawn in the middle.


Material – Glass bottle, Acrylic paint

Dimension – 30cm x 8cm

In Hinduism, Lord Ganesha represents wisdom, good luck and is a remover of obstacles. He is prayed to, by millions and especially at the commencement of a new venture.
Our Lord Ganesha bottle is hand-painted by the artists to represent what the mighty god stands for. The pastel colours used are soothing and the minimalistic Ganesha drawn in the middle completes the look of the bottle. The colours used are soft undertone of green and a bright contrasting yellow at the bottom of the body and top of the neck.


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