Terracotta Buddha sitting


the Terracotta Buddha sitting piece is 19cms long and 14cms in width. the terracotta piece has been exquisitely sculpted into a sitting Buddha and radiates positivity in any environment it is set in. The Buddha sculpture doesn’t take up much space but definitely adds to the beauty of the room.

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The Terracotta Buddha Sitting piece is like no other! A sitting Buddha shows Buddha meditating, preaching or simply seeking enlightenment. The hand mudras have been beautifully sculpted by the artist and the face details are unmatched. A mudra is a positive hand gesture and are of various types, each one holding a specific meaning. What may seem like a simple sculpture to some holds major significance is the lives of most others.
Some communities consider a sitting Buddha as someone who brings good luck; sitting in the lotus form, in a monk clothes, formed mudras and at peace. It is 19cms long and 14cms in width.


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