Lord Buddha Bust


Our ‘lord Buddha bust’ is a marvelous structure primarily due to what it represents to some sections of the society and also because of the artists’ will to do justice to this piece. The intricate details are strikingly beautiful and the piece is perfect for decoration or gifting purpose.

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The ‘lord Buddha bust’ is nothing short of a stunning sculpture that never fails to catch the eye of the onlooker. It is an art marvel due to the intricately defined details by the artist.
‘Buddha’, being the enlightened one, a knower, is always at peace and several people have devotion and faith in Him. Our Buddha bust signifies just that. Deep undertones have been used to give it a clean finish.
This piece is more than an expression of art, a symbol of truth and nobility. The bust is 18cms in width, measured across the shoulder and 30cms in length.


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